One day this strange man took me by the hand and said "Run!" He has this strange blue box and he called it the TARDIS. It turned out to be a time machine that can travel through time and space. I decided to tag alone for the ride and suddenly I was in middle-Earth. We helped this little hobbit to destroy the One Ring and saved Middle-Earth. We then travel in the middle of what is called The Hunger Games. We almost got killed by the jabberjays until when we found a girl named Katniss and saved her before she got killed.

We had a lot of adventures, The Doctor and I, but it soon came to an end. I was killed by The Silence, who was working with The Master at the time. The Doctor couldn't save me at the time but he tried his best and that's all that matters. I trust The Doctor with all my heart and I wouldn't change anything in the world for having met him.

This is The Doctor now, writing this, in the loving words of my dear friend who wanted me to do this for her honor. I miss her dearly but this blog is the only thing I can keep record of her of all the things she likes, a favor she asked of me that is so simple and easy for me to do. She told me that when her death comes to not mourn over it and to keep going forward no matter what; and because of that I will. I hope I can go on an adventure soon and hopefully it will be you next.
-Love The Doctor "words from Miranda"


there was a creepy looking car parked outside my house and i’m home alone. so i put the doctor in my window and the car drove off. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - International Trailer (x)





a drunk driver killed someone i love. i thought maybe, if i kept it up, i might hear something back…

This is so beyond heart breaking, yet so extremely powerful. Never forget to tell your family, friends, and others you love them. It may be the last time you do so!

I’m sobbing.

I’m crying so much right now



A bunch of drunk college kids tried to play “Alice in Wonderland”

I cry of laughter everytime I watch this. 

what the fuclk did i just watch


Me in awkward situations.

inspired by [x]

inspired by [x]




it’s a metaphor

The best part is that the crab is the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer, so in a way even the crab itself is a metaphor

Doctor Who Seal of Rassilon